Flash Fiction Friday – The Sword

Hey, it’s Friday! And I didn’t forget about my flash fiction post! This week there wasn’t a prompt at the community on G+, so I did just a Dixit-inspired piece. If you didn’t read my Flash Fiction Friday post last week, Dixit is an absolutely awesome board game that you should definitely google and probably buy. This was the card I pulled this week:

All credit for image go to the Dixit creators and illustrator Marie Cardouat

The sword

“Aha!” the boy cried triumphantly as he pulled the sword from the chest. This was just what he needed to give that dragon what it deserved. He stuck it back into its sheath and hurried from the room, down the stairs and out of the house. Clutching the sheath to his chest, he rushed through the woods towards the dragon’s dark cave, his pulse racing with excitement.
“Dragon!” he called when he entered the cave. The huge blue beast turned towards the sound, sitting back on its haunches and tilting its head at the boy.
The boy unsheathed the sword and held it high in the air. “Here. This’ll be a perfect back-scratcher for you.” He’d felt so bad for his friend, whose arms didn’t reach all the way the long back and whose shiny scales were too thick for mere human fingers to suffice.

Short ‘n sweet, no? Now it’s time to get back to my Camp NaNo project.


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