Twice Fortnightly – Calm before the Camp

Eek, it’s almost April! I’m so excited for Camp. I’ll be honest, though, there’s another story that’s occupying most of my writerly thoughts right now so I’m a bit worries about whether I’ll be able to switch gears to my Camp project. But I’ve done it before so it should be okay. So, what have I been up to. Well, other than enjoying the beginning of a

  • Done my daily writing 3 days… bad Emma!
  • Prepped for Camp. I’ve written a bad, placeholder synopsis. Mostly I’ve just brainstormed though. There will be a lot of improv during Camp but at least I have my outline to keep me from veering too far off of the path.
  • Written a few scenes with my recently mended story. I’m liking it!
  • Posted a spotlight on the blog about a movie I saw.

I have totally forgotten about the POD thing though. Get it together, Emma! So, the coming week will naturally be all about Camp NaNo. Keeping on top of that is my only real goal, to be honest, but I do also want to look into the POD thing finally. I need to get that sorted. Oh, and I’ll send out my second ever newsletter! If you still haven’t signed up, you totally should do so using the little box in my right-hand menu. The next newsletter will include an exclusive excerpt from Dress Rehearsal Rag. Cool, no?

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