Twice Fortnightly – Re-re-re-restructuring my time

I realized today I have made a fatal error in my time management lately. My original plan was: three days for day job, two for studying and working on my thesis, one for writing and one day off (with, of course, the option of poking any of those things a bit extra on the other days once goals had been met). Then I started volunteering a bit more and, without me quite noticing it, it seems my day off in the last few weeks have been spent doing that. Not a bad way to spend time, but I think I really need a day each week when I have no obligations at all, and only do what I feel up for. So today I took the day off, and it’s been great! I plan to keep having a day off per week, because frankly I’d rather do more stuff in, for example, the evenings after my day job than not have a day off. I’ve been so frazzled and unmotivated lately and I think this has been a large part of it.

This last week I have:

  • Posted a “tool tip” about an app called Memrise.
  • Totally forgotten to do some flash fiction. Actually, I think I forgot it was Friday.
  • Gone through the remaining Cohen titles and done some great brainstorming for my Orryn novellas. No concrete plans yet, but I have a heap more material to work with than I did a week or two ago.
  • Poked my patreon project
  • Sent in my VAT declaration! Now there’s just the income one left. I really need to find out when that’s due…

And this week I will:

  • Post a Flash Fiction Friday post.
  • Write down a couple of stray worldbuilding ideas before I forget them. No Worldbuilding Wednesday blog I think, though.
  • Get some proper progress on my Patreon short (via wordspriting, most likely).
  • Do some exploration writing for future Orryn stories.

In other news, it’s March tomorrow. This means one month until Camp NaNoWriMo! I told myself I wouldn’t do it this spring because I have so much studying to do but man it’s hard to resist. I’m very tempted to just pick something small for a 10k goal. Or even just work on my thesis as a camp project, but I’m not sure that’d be as fun! We’ll see what I decide…

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