Twice Fortnightly – Lil’ Milestones

This has been an exciting week, lingering colds not withstanding. I hit a small, but significant, author milestone (see the last bullet point on my list of achievements this week). I also did some actual student stuff for the first time in a while. Specifically, I sent in a project description for my BA thesis. Mostly a formality since I already have a supervisor and he’s already approved my project, but it still feels good to have done something “officially studenty” so early in the term. This week I have also:

  • Posted a guide to ocean currents for Worldbuilding Wednesday. I might re-do it because of some things I’ve since realized, but we’ll see when that happens.
  • Posted a Flash Fiction Friday post.
  • Worked on a Patreon short. It’s going slow… I need to do a bit of “on site” research about a certain part of town to get me in the mood I think, which I’m doing this weekend. Other than that the slowness is half cold, half nerves.
  • Worked on a short story about cryonics. It’s coming along very slowly because the idea is still quite fresh and sketchy, but I’m feeling good about where it’s going!
  • Got my first ever rejection letter! It was for a short I sent to an online magazine, and I’m like 85% sure it wasn’t a form rejection so I’m pretty happy about that! I’ve already sent the short to a second place so fingers crossed!

Pretty productive week, I’d say! Especially since I haven’t felt on top, exactly. This coming week I plan to:

  • Draft another Hubpages review.
  • Make a little scene break icon for my Patreon project Zero, Eight, Love
  • Keep working on the Patreon short, including the mentioned research trip
  • Continue working on the cryonics short.
  • Try to do my taxes for the year! For my business I mean, hence why it’s writing-related. Or, alternatively, at least prepare what I need to do my taxes.

And now, ladies and gents, I’m off to prepare my lunchbox for tomorrow. G’night!

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