Flash Fiction Friday – The Struggle

It’s Friday again! This week’s #CoffeeHousePrompt is: a struggle. And this is the image prompt I pulled out of my Dixit deck:


As usual, all credit for the image to the Dixit people! Here’s the flash fiction, totally improvised right as I’m posting this.

The Struggle

His prison has grown more cramped as the days went by. As the smooth, oval walls closed in on him, he felt himself slowly going crazy. He needed to get out, to move, to breath, to stretch his curled up limbs and his bent back. Eventually, even wiggling his toes started to sound like heaven on earth. He couldn’t take it anymore. Flailing with all his might against the tight prison, he swung his head against the offending walls. Again, then again, the again, then a crack! His heart soared, and though he had no idea what waited him out there, he kept pecking away at it, chipping away a small, sharp piece at the time until finally, the egg crumbled around him and he was free.


Thats all for tonight. Sweet dreams!

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