Flash Fiction Friday – The Dollhouse

Hi guys! It’s Flash Fiction Friday! I’ve had the most frustrating day, so I’m gonna get right down to business. Here is today’s Dixit card:

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Credit, as usual, to the Dixit people and their illustrators for the image. Also, isn’t it adorable?

The Dollhouse

Mimi always knew her dolls weren’t just dolls. She never saw them move, but she always knew when they had. She found things were she hadn’t put them, didn’t find things where she had put them. Her little jars of beads would be knocked over on their sides. Little footprints would trail along the dusty windowsill. Once, she found her sewing needles arranged into a hopscotch court.

Her mother didn’t believe her, said she was letting her imagination get the best of her. She kept buying her more dolls, for every birthday, nameday, Christmas and last day of school. Soon her room was full of them.

One day they woke up, and everything was gone. The beads and the jewelry, the antique plates great aunt Hilda had left them, the money mom kept in the bedroom drawer, and every last scrap of food. Even the pictures with the gilded frames were missing from the walls. And there the dollhouse and the shelves were, empty.

I thought that would get darker than it did, but hey… it hasn’t been that bad a day.

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  1. Wow, that took a dark turn in a hurry. Still, you built a great atmosphere with a minimum of words.

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