Little Liebster Hop!


The other day, my friend Grace tagged me in a blog hop (thank you, Grace!). On closer inspection, I realized that it’s actually a Liebster award blog hop. Since I’ve done the Liebster twice before, once here and once on my Sims 2 blog, I figure I’m gonna skip the nomination bit and just answer the questions:

  1. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

    If this is fantasy, where is my wand and my talking animal companion? Preferably something feathered or feline.

  2. Can you mix a cocktail?

    Does mixing Bailey’s into hot cocoa count?

  3. If Jurassic Park were real, would you visit it?

    Only once it had a “10 years since our last serious dinosaur bite” sign.

  4. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

    I really like talking.

  5. If you could live inside a book, which one would you choose?

    A big one? No seriously, I don’t know. A lot of my favorite books have pretty grim worlds in them. Or just impractical worlds (like, magic is cool, but I also really like dentistry and modern sanitation). I think I’d have to go for the Harry Potter world. Sometime after the septology finished.

  6. What is your favourite boardgame?

    My favorite board game is called Dixit and it’s super awesome! It’s a card game focused on creativity and imagination, and it’s so much fun to play. Not to mention the deck is gorgeous. Though when I’m more in the mood for a strategy game, I’d say Hyperborea.

  7. If you could study any subject, purely out of interest, what would it be?

    Arabic. Which I already am doing.

  8. Can you do the splits?

    Haha, no. I’m sort of flexible for someone who doesn’t really work out right now, but even back when I was actually in good shape and quite a bit more flexible, the splits (and especially the side splits) was never something I could manage.

  9. If you could invite 3 fictional characters to a party, who would you choose?

    River Song from Doctor Who, Zoe from Firefly and Zotoh Zhaan from Farscape. Yes, it would be that kind of party.

    I may have been reading too much erotica lately…

  10. What reality TV show would you be most likely to win?

    One that involved drinking tea and watching Netflix while surfing the web aimlessly.

  11. If you could write for any TV series, what would it be?

    I’d prefer writing an original series. I just don’t play as well in other peoples’ worlds. But as far as writing for someone else’s series, I don’t know… it might be fun to write for a crime show or something like that, the sort of genre I don’t play a lot in myself. And I was a pretty big Criminal Minds fan at one point.

Well, that’s all for today! Thanks again for tagging me, Grace. 🙂


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