Twice Fortnightly – NaNo is Upon us!

That’s right! It’s now November and that means NaNoWriMo is upon us. A busy but fun time of the year for me. This past week I have:

  • Done my daily writing (but not quite reached 1k before NaNo started)
  • Worked on the cover or some other aspect of Going Home not quite, but nearly every day.
  • Announced the release date of Going Home. Yay!
  • Finished the last exercise in the previous chapter of One Year to a Writing Life and started reading chapter 11 (almost done!).
  • Posted about Novel in a Day
  • And, of course, started on my NaNo project. It’s day 3, and I’m nearly at 7k which is, for me, a pretty good start. The full book will definitely be more than 50k but I don’t have a specific word count in mind.

Aaaand this coming week I will:

  • Keep working on NaNo, which includes writing at least 2k every day.
  • Start on the November exercises in One Year to a Writing Life
  • Post about the previous chapter in the aforementioned book
  • Keep working on Going Home, including getting an ISBN, working on the cover and browsing for book blogs who might be interested in reviewing it once it’s out.

I might also put some new stuff up on Wattpad, but considering it’ll be a pretty busy week I’m not making it an official goal.

Sorry for the short post, guys, but I badly need some dinner!

2 Replies to “Twice Fortnightly – NaNo is Upon us!”

  1. You’re so onto it. Well done! I’ll get my a into g next week and be onto the pre-release tasks too!

    P.S. I’d be keen to do something on my blog for you. Possibly a guest post? Or an interview type thing. Have a think about and let me know xx

    • Thanks, Zee! Your support really means a lot. I get the sense I am sort of flailing in the dark, but at least I’m flailing in the right direction, hah!

      I’d love to do something on your blog! Not sure what though, never done anything like that before. What would you suggest?

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