Twice Fortnightly – 1 Month to NaNo!

I cannot believe that it’s only a month until NaNoWriMo. September really flew by. I had hoped that by now I’d be in a position to start working on an outline for my NaNo story… aaaand instead I am looking at a list of 5 story ideas and trying to decide which one to work on. On the bright side, yesterday there were 6 ideas on that list so… I’m making progress? I hope to have picked the story by next week, and then spend the remainder of October doing prep work. Pantsing for NaNo is valid, but it usually doesn’t work out well for me so I’d like to be able to prepare at least a little bit. Whichever way it goes, it seems likely that I’ll be writing some type of secondary world romance (with or without fantasy/magical aspects) because 4 out of the remaining ideas can be defined thus. I’m a bit surprised, to be honest. I’ve been going through all my Scrivener files lately and compiling a masterlist of ideas and at what stage of production they are and woah… I have a lot of romance ideas. Usually mixed with another genre, but far from always. I didn’t really know that about myself, to be honest. Not sure what it means or if it means anything really, but still… Interesting.

Last week was a fairly good writing week:

  • I hit 8h out of my 9h goal, which is decent I think.
  • I did my Thursday Evening Tea Time stream and did some conlanging and wrote some flash fiction during it, which was fun.​
  • Posted for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Added 2k to my Orryn #3 draft, during which I discovered some interesting turns/aspects to the story that I hadn’t been expecting. So that was fun! This is definitely the roughest Orryn-draft so far. I suspect I will end up trimming 3-5k off of it during rewrite because there’s so many scenes where half the prose is me trying to work stuff out for myself. I hope I can start the rewrite after NaNo.
  • Started on a blog post that will be up later this week.
  • Aaaalmost finished my Scrivener project overview file. Aaaalmost.

Next week will be much of the same:

  • 11h of writerly writing! Yes, 2h more than last week. I originally wrote 9h then made the list below and realize that would require more time than last week so I came back and added 2h.
  • Thursday Evening Tea Time stream with conlanging and flash fiction writing!
  • Add 2k to Orryn #3 and get a bit of handle on how much is missing from the draft…​
  • Post the aforementioned blog post.
  • Finished organizing my Scrivener overview file.
  • Try to pick a NaNo project, or rather un-pick 4 out of my 5 NaNo contenders.
  • Make a new YouTube video!

I’m so excited about NaNo! Weeeeh!

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