Twice Fortnightly – What is Even Happening?

Why are these weeks so weird? I keep realizing it’s Sunday or Monday and I’ve simultaneously done a bunch things but also not all the things I wanted to but also that I have no idea how many hours I have been writing this week. I have NOT been keeping track! I have also not read through my upcoming Patreon story, not done my stream and generally lost track of my Uni-reading. Oh well…

On the bright side, I did add another 2k to my Orryn draft, do a rough outline of my NaNoWriMo project AND finally finish adding stuff to my Scrivener writing-project file. I’m so glad about all those things, but honestly especially the third because I’ve just been meaning to do that for so long. Now, don’t get me wrong, the writing-project file is definitely a work in progress. A lot of my ideas just have a line or two relating to them – I need to get better about taking actual notes for all my ideas.
Anyway, this week is liable to be kinda weird, too. My boyfriend is going to Canada to visit his family on Thursday, so that’s gonna be a weird one. I’m trying to adapt my planing and goal-setting to that, but at the same time… it’s almost Nano! And I want to get my Patreon going! So we’ll see… My goals are:
  • 10h. I’m stubborn. I will not yield…at the moment.
  • Another 2k on the Orryn draft.
  • Thursday MORNING Tea Time. Yeah, I’m switching the time of the stream to the morning to fit my schedule better. But I will still be doing conlanging and flash fiction!
  • Post for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Read my Patreon-aimed short.
  • Develop my NaNo story outline. I have the basic stuff down but I need details. Also side characters… I need side characters.

Uh… it’s 1:30am. I’m gonna go sleep-sleep now.

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