Twice Fortnightly – The Author Hath Chosen!

That’s right, lovelies: I have officially picked a NaNoWriMo project. Yay! I will be working on a somewhat dark fantasy, hopefully action-filled romance in a sort of steampunk-ish setting. I have a very firm grasp on the main characters, the superficial structure of the plot and the themes that will generally be dealt with, but also a fair bit left to plan in terms of details and worldbuilding. It will be part one of a series, though I am not quite sure yet how long the series will be since I haven’t decided on the details of the overarcing arc or how I want it to be paced yet. In terms of romance, it will lean toward the erotic end of the spectrum and feature kinky and non-monogamous relationships and in terms of fantasy it will feature monsters of mist and shadow and crossbow bolts dipped in strange alchemical concoctions. The story was initially inspired by a character/couple dynamic in the tabletop roleplaying show Critical Role that I found really satisfying and interesting. So in short: I am super hyped about writing this story! It will take a lot of work to plan it all out though. I’m glad I have about 3 weeks for that.

Apart from picking my Nano project, I got a few other things done last week:

  • I hit 7 1/2 out of my 11 hours of writing. Bit disappointed in that but oh well…
  • I added about 3k to my Orryn #3 draft (so, more than planned), and also did some good work on the outline for that story. I feel like I have ​a really solid outline now and although big parts of the first draft are super messy I am very optimistic about the rewrite. I’m not sure if I’ll start rewriting it before NaNo or if I’ll just aim for finishing the first  draft and then give myself a break from it. Good progress is being made, either way!
  • I had to miss my Thursday Evening Tea Time stream because the computer was being weird, which was a shame. If I had managed to stream I would’ve have almost hit my 11h goal, so that makes me feel a bit better about not reaching it.
  • I wrote some Flash Fiction about a dream I had, which I called The 1hp Beholder.
  • I also posted a Tool Tip post about a website I use to make a “101 things in 1001 Days” to-do list. Check it out!
  • I tried to do a youtube video but first I got too nervous and my accent got weird and then my battery died and the good light went buh-bye. So… trying again next week!

I did not manage to finish the last of my Scrivener organizing but I don’t have too much left, at least. I’m really glad I’ve gotten as far as I have with it because it’s been a long time coming.

I don’t even know why, but I’m feeling pretty good about this week (in spite of having a fair amount of non-writer stuff to do). Maybe it’s just the joy of having picked a NaNo project. Either way, here’s what I’m planing:

  • 11h on writing. Not gonna increase it for school-reasons even though I’d like to.
  • Add another 2k or more to Orryn! ​I’m doing well with that now so might as well power through.
  • Start on an outline for my NaNoWrimo project, and do some brainstorming to start working out the overarcing plot and make sure I have as good of a grasp of the central chars as I think I do.
  • Thursday Evening Tea Time stream! Conlanging! Flash Fiction! Maybe some NaNo stuff! Yay!
  • Poke at my last bit of Scrivener organizing.
  • Make a YouTube video.
  • And, if I have time, read through a short story I wrote a while back that I’ve decided should be my first Patreon story (I’m determined to actually get my patreon running properly!). If I recall, it doesn’t really need any more editing but I want to read through it just to make sure I’m happy with it.

This week is gonna be good, lovelies. I can feel it in my bones. Maybe it’s not just my general sluggishness caused by getting 4 ½h sleep tonight. But I don’t think so. Tentative optimism! And I’m out.

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