Twice Fortnightly – Or well, at least occasionally on Mondays

It’s funny, I recently (about two-three months ago) started using an organizational system called bullet journaling (I will be blogging a bit about it eventually) and it’s been incredibly helpful to me when it comes to organizing my time and planing and motivating myself. So much so that, apparently, if I forget to write TF (for Twice Fortnightly) in my to-do box for a Monday, chances are I’ll forget to blog! Oops! So what have I been up to?

  • Flash Fiction!
  • More Flash Fiction!
  • Working on the story for my crit group
  • Nano prep! I now have an outline, and a brief character portrait for all central characters except one.

Not too shabby! Thought that is over two weeks. But hey, mostly I’ve been studying so I think it’s still good progress. This following week will look thusly:

  • More more flash fiction!
  • Finishing the next peice for my crit group. We don’t actually have any meetings in November because of NaNo, but I want to finish my submission before NaNo so I don’t have to switch genres mid-NaNo in order to finish my submission for the first December meeting.
  • Finishing my NaNo prep! I don’t have much left, just one character portrait and a bit of pondering about pacing and stuff.

Last week was really productive, thesis-wise. I have a good feeling about this one, too. Wish me luck!

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