Twice Fortnightly – One Week till NZ

Yes, I know I had basically the same blog post title last week but to be honest there really isn’t much that’s more relevant to my life right now than my upcoming trip to New Zealand. A week from tomorrow, I will be about halfway to my layover in Singapore. I still don’t have much planned for the trip, which is super weird but also sort of nice. Or, at least, it’s nice that I’m not feeling freaked out by it. I take it as some kind of sign of maturity.

Last week was… intense. I worked nearly part time as a temp to many very end-of-term stir-crazy tweens and teens which was fun sometimes and non-fun other times and pretty tiring throughout. I also had a lot going on socially, so my writing suffered a bit. I hit about 7h of 12, and didn’t touch the rewrite of my Orryn novellas. I did post a piece I rather like for Flash Fiction Friday and had a good bit of progress on my conlang though, so that’s good.

This week I have most of the week off. I have a lot of trip-prep to do (packing, planning, having tea with friends) but I’m going to try to get some writing stuff done too. Namely:

  • 12h writing. At least 8 before Sunday, for once.
  • Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Actually finish the Orryn rewrite, at least of Going Home and get good progress on the Dress Rehearsal Rag one.
  • Conlang!!
  • Read a ton. Because school is over, and I have a convention coming up once I get to NZ.​

I think this will be a good week. Good night, lovelies!Tw

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