Twice Fortnightly – Post-deadline

Last night I had a big deadline for my English course, which I submitted (with some technical difficulties) just in the nick of time (as is unfortunately my custom). It didn’t turn out very well but at least it turned out, and that’s really all I care about when it comes to my literature modules since I don’t actually enjoy writing literature papers (as opposed to both reading literature, and writing linguistics papers). It feels really good to be done with it, especially since it’s one of two big assignments this term. I don’t have much left of the term now, just a linguistics paper, a in-room literature exam (which I sincerely don’t look forward to and which is bound to be a bit of a disaster) and a small vocabulary exam. I got a B on my linguistics in-room exam, which I’m pretty satisfied with. I’m not too bothered about grades in general, except when it comes to linguistics because that’s sort of my thing and I want to do well with it.

So what did i do this week besides finishing this assignment (or, more often, avoiding working on it)? Well, the following:

  • I wrote for about 9 of my 10h goal. I’d’ve stayed up to get the last hour, but I had to get up early Monday morning so I chose not to.
  • Did Flash Fiction Friday. On Friday. Without forgetting. And using a rpg I’m going to start GMing soon as inspiration.
  • Poke my conlang! I have listened to a lot of Conlangery episodes and I’ve also added color terms. Yay!
  • Worked a fair bit on my Camp NaNo project. I hit 10k, and started working on rewriting the longest of the three shorts I’ve drafted. It’s still a mess, and the other two aren’t quite finished, but I hope to at least finish the rewrite of the long one before the month’s end. Either way I guess I’ve won Camp, so yay.

Even though I did finish my lit paper, I didn’t work on Going Home any because, again, I finished it in the nick of time so I didn’t have the energy for any serious rewriting before bed.

I have no idea how much I’m working in this coming week. That makes planning a bit tricky, but I can work around it. Here’s my weekly goals:

  • Spend 12h writing. For every day I work 6h or more, I will remove 1h from that goal. Makes for some flexibility, and I don’t have to set my goal too low before I know how much I’ll work.
  • More Flash Fiction Friday! Might be Blades in the Dark-themed again.
  • ​Finish re-writing the one Camp NaNo short. It’s such a mess right now but I think it could come out really good.
  • If I can, finish drafting one or both of the shorter Camp shorts. Not likely, though.
  • Rewrite that last scene in Going Home.
  • Go to crit group! It’s only the second time with this new story so my nerves are still a bit extra active about it.

Quite the week? Quite the week. But I’m feeling optimistic. Just one class and no deadlines or anything, and not much in terms of weekend or evening plans either.

And speaking of evening, it’s getting to be bedtime. Take care, lovelies!

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