Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter!

It’s Easter week! Hope ya’ll are doing good. I’m having a chill week this week, since apart from a brief thing on Wednesday I’m on vacation from work. I’m trying to focus on my thesis to feel like I’m getting some proper progress on that. It’s going pretty well, so far. We’ll see. Writing wise, since my last Twice Fortnightly post I have:

  • Worked a little on my patreon project.
  • Decided that I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo next month, with a low word count goal. I’ll be working on my patreon project for Camp because I need to get a move on with that.
  • Started prepping for a secret project… Not sure when I’ll roll it out but we’ll see.
  • Brainstormed some more for future Orryn books, and did some exploratory writing. Things are really shaping up, even if book three is still really blurry.
  • Posted for Flash Fiction Friday.

So, what will be distracting me from my thesis work this lovely week? Well, I was planing to:

  • Decide on one or two patreon project stories to work on for Camp. No outlines or anything, just the basic ideas. Also, I need to decide on a new name for that project. Because reasons.
  • Post for Flash Fiction Friday, and maybe another random post on Wednesday.
  • More exploratory Orryn stuff.
  • More work on my secret project.

Nothing fancy, but hopefully I’ll be able to put some more time than usual in because I don’t have my day job to take up time.

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