Twice Fortnightly – Talk to Me, Baby!

I’ve just returned from a rather lovely weekend at my parents’ summer house, where we celebrated Easter. I spent most of my time eating, napping, reading and watching people roleplay on YouTube. All in all, not bad! Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter too, celebrating or not.

I discovered something cool this week, namely that dictation apps (voice-to-text) are really cool and can help me brainstorm and push past mental blocks. I had installed an app called Active Voice some while ago (it’s a bit pricey but very good so far), but never got around to try it. This weekend I was feeling bad for not getting more done on my thesis project this week, so I sat down and dictated some snippets and emailed them to myself. And it was brilliant! I actually got words out rather than just poking pointlessly at my keyboard like I had been while studying earlier in the week. I ended up dictating some other things, ideas for books and worldbuilding among others, as well and I honestly think this is going to be a very useful tool for me in the future!

Other than talk to myself a lot, this week I have:

  • Decided on some Patreon-project stories to work on during Camp, and joined a cabin on the website. The project still needs a new name though…
  • Forgotten all about Flash Fiction Friday and Orryn exploring.
  • Done some planning for my secret project.
  • Developed a new dream project (unrelated to any of the above), which I probably won’t be telling you guys about for absolute ages. Sorry!

This coming week is going to be very busy at work. I have a big deadline that I’m cutting it very close with. But, that’s just three days of the week. The other days, and maybe in the evenings of the day job days too, I will:

  • Start Camp NaNo come Friday!
  • Do some exploratory writing for Orryn.
  • Keep poking at my secret project.
  • Post for Flash Fiction Friday and maybe something random on Wednesday.

I want to add about every writing project I have to that list because I’m in one of those do all the things!-moods but man… I think this will be just about everything I have time for. And now, I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams!

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