Twice Fortnightly – Untitled

I’m having a bit of a blank-brain day today, which honestly isn’t that bad because I had some practical errands to run and some relaxing to do. But that meant no writing today, and no energy for blog titles, or blog posts really so this’ll be short. This week I:

  • Got about 12 hours of writing done (two more than my goal)
  • Posted some Flash fiction Friday.
  • Edited for chapters of ABMF. Well, 4-ish. Most of the second half is mostly chaotic notes so it’s sort of hard to say where a chapter begins and ends. But still, good progress.
  • Kept working on the January #12for12stories short. I’m almost done with the draft.

This week I will:

  • Get another 12 hours of writing in, minimum.
  • Post for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Edit the rest of ABMF. And then start working on an outline for restructuring the rest of it.
  • Finish the draft for my January #12for12stories short, and maybe get some other people’s eyes on it if I can.

That’s it, everyone. Sleep well!

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