#AdventBoost Day 20 – Witchy by Ariel Ries

More #AdventBoost! More webcomics! More posting when it’s late and I can barely make sentences!

Today you should all check out Witchy by Ariel Ries.

Witchy is a comic about witches! Yay! Can’t have enough of those! It takes place in a world where the length of a person’s hair is considered a measure of their magical prowess. The worldbuilding in this comic is really cool, and draws inspiration from a lot of Asian cultures without feeling derivative (or stereotypical), and the system set up for how magic works is also really neat. The cast is diverse with a lot of really interesting characters I look forward to getting ot know more! The comic is currently on hiatus until January so get to reading it and get caught up!

Witchy is created by queer comic artist Ariel Ries, who you can support on Patreon and follow on Twitter @cousineggplant.

At Zero, Eight Love today: tiny Christmas tree!

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