#AdventBoost Day 19 – Griefer Belt by Kali/Kales

Hey guys! I almost forgot to #Adventboost today because I seem to have completely switched into vacation mode. But I remembered! Yay!

Today I wanna tell you about Griefer Belt, a webcomic that I found a while back via a link on another webcomic, Rock and Riot (which I posted about earlier in the month). It’s about queer criminals! Illegal organ-trade! Shopping!

To be honest, this is not a genre I tend to read a lot. Bit too many dismembered bodyparts for reasons of getting paid. But I’ve still been enjoying it. It’s a weird mix of dark and bloody (both in terms of the action, and the underlying themes, I think), and light and fluffy which has been fun. The art style is really cute too, and the characters have such a lot of personality! And again: queers galore! So yeah, very cute, check it out.

Griefer Belt is created by non-binary comic artist Kali aka Kales who you can follow on Twitter @KalesButt.

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