#AdventBoost Day 21 – Nadja Otikor aka Tristarae

I have tabletop rpgs on the brain right now. I recently GMed D&D for the first time, am preparing to do it for the second time in a couple of weeks and casually dreaming of setting up a streamed game of some kind in the spring, if I can. I’m actually having some trouble focusing on my written fiction because my mind is so full of rpgs. So I thought to myself “with this level of obsession, surely just one rpg-related adventboost isn’t enough?”.

Therefor I want to “introduce” (if you can do that with someone you don’t actually know personally) to Nadja Otikor aka Tristarae, GM extraordinaire! I came across Nadja the first time when I was watching a GMing panel with some of my fave online GMs which she took part in and my gut reaction was “omg, a female black GM, that is so cool!”. Silly, perhaps, but let’s be honest… nerdery in general and tabletop rpgs in specific has a tendency to be very white and very male. And while there are white dude gms I adore, it makes me super happy to see people who aren’t as close to the D&D stereotype streaming and sharing their games and awesomeness with others.

Nadja GMs for a website called Misscliks (which I can never spell on the first try!) and is currently running two campaigns. One is a D&D campaign called Prophecy. I’ve watched about the first two episodes of that and it seems like a really cool premise. I really want to watch the whole thing but with over 100 videos of about 50-70 mins each… it’s a little daunting! Hah. She also recently started GMing a Blades in the Dark campaign which you can find here on her YouTube page. I started watching it today and it looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I really like Nadja’s GMing style, it’s very relaxed and fun without being so relaxed that things go off track.

You can follow Nadja on Twitter @Trist_Chi and visit her Twitch page here.

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