Twice Fortnightly – Back to Work!

So apparently I forgot all about my blog last week. Oops! It was a weird week. A surprise cold, and the realization I would have to miss my BA thesis deadline if I wanted to produce something I was at all happy with made it a weird week. I still have a cold, though it’s almost gone, and I’ve been making decent progress with the thesis. It was supposed to have been turned in today, which made today a strange day emotionally and in terms of productivity. Still, it was okay. I haven’t done much creative work this week, I’ll admit. I did work a bit on a colab worldbuilding project for a D&D campaign that’s starting soon, so that was fun!

Tomorrow I’m back at my day job for the first time in two months and while I sort of wish I could stay home longer I think some added structure might be good for me right now. I do have some humble goals for the coming week:

  • Flash Fiction Friday
  • Review of my latest GlobeIn box on Hubpages
  • Resuming work on the draft I worked on for Camp NaNo (no specific word goal)

Hopefully this’ll be the start of an increasingly productive fall term. Wish me luck!

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