Twice Fortnightly – Way Ahead, For Once!

Guys, I am having the best NaNo ever! Today is day 16, and I am a 37.5k. That is, 3/4ths to 50k, and 10k over par! I’ve had 3 4k days so far! Wooh! I feel awesome. I mean, check out these stats:


I could cruise through the rest of the month if I wanted to. Buuuut I don’t! There’s plenty of story left for me to draft. In fact, I’m not sure I’ll find the end before the month’s up. We’ll see. And all numbers aside, I am really enjoying working on this story. I think it’s gonna be great… after a dozen re-writes or so.

So what have I don’t this week? I have:

  • Had a great NaNo week!
  • Read a lot about monsties.
  • Hatched a potentially interesting plan for the spring…
  • Recieved the print for the giveaway! Check it out! And read the full giveaway details here.

So what about next week? Well, I want to:

  • Reach 53k for NaNo! Crazy, right? A 3k/day average would put me at 58.5, and I’m rounding down a bit because Saturday is my birthday so I’ll be a bit busy socially this weekend. Feels pretty crazy to be aiming to finish over a week early…
  • Keep reading about creatures from folklore.
  • Maybe post another step-by-step for Worldbuilding Wednesday (we’ll see).
  • Pick the winners for my giveaway. Yay!

Should be a danged good week!


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