Flash Fiction Friday – The Chain

I almost forgot it was Friday! I’m already in bed and don’t feel like getting back up, but I still want to do my flash fiction piece. So I pressed the “random article” button on Wikipedia a few times until one, an article about a cyclist, gave me an idea. Here goes nothing:

The Chain

The bike had been good to her. It had lasted for many years, gotten her through many cities. It had started to rust in places, but she’d kept the vital parts in good condition as best she could. She’d oiled it and tightened the screws and patched the tires more times than she could remember. Now that was over. The chain had snapped, the pedals swinging uselessly as she pushed them around. With a sigh, she leaned the bike against a tree. She couldn’t bring it, not unless it carried her. Her bags were heavy and it was only a few hours until dark. Maybe someone would find it, someone who’d install a new chain and take care of it. Someone who needed it like she had. At least that’s what she hoped, as she walked away.

Right… Sleepy time! Good night, gang.

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