Flash Fiction Friday – the Letter

Let’s pretend that it’s Friday today and I didn’t totally forget the flash fiction prompt yesterday. I am out and about right now so instead of doing a Dixit card prompt, I used a website called Seventh Sanctum. The prompt was this: I have my tomes – now I’m going into hiding.

The letter
Dear Francine,

This may be the last letter I send to you. For that, I am truly sorry. I wish I could tell you I was coming home, but it seems the situation is quite the opposite.

They’re closing in on me. I feel it in my bones as much as I know it with my mind. If I stay here, it won’t be long until they get me. Yesterday a man asked for me at the hotel, assaulted the manager when he didn’t tell him where I was. I slept at the library tonight. I have my tomes – now I’m going into hiding. I don’t know where or for how long, and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you. I don’t know if they would go that far, but if they do your ignorance will keep you safe. Or at least so I pray…

Yours always,


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