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I just had to show you guys this awesome bit of book mail I got yesterday! Two books and a bit of swag by my friend and fellow writer Z. R. Southcombe. I got super duper lucky and won not one but two of the giveaways she hosted when her latest book, The Caretaker of Imagination, was released. I won the book itself in paperback and the awesome cake fondant mold you can see below! Since I’d be getting a package from her anyway, I took the opportunity to also buy What Stars are Made of, which is a wordless book and was her debut. I even got some awesome swag: a bookmark and a post card with one of the illustrations from What Stars are Made of. Yay!01457cee98ffe2bb0b1b430314016a574364e06387I think there’s something really special about owning print books written by your friends. In general, I like eBooks more and more these days. They’re cheap and portable. But there are still a couple of things for which I love having a print edition. Favorite books is one thing, and friends’ books is another. There are more, but I’d rather not go on. I just wanted to share my happy with you!


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  1. Yep, love having friends’ books on my shelf.. it’s a growing pile and I’m aiming to have a shelf full in the not-so-far future.

    Can’t wait to be pleasantly surprised that you’ve sorted PoD out 😉

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