Going Home Media Roundup!

Even just typing that title feels totally surreal. But since Going Home has in fact been featured on a few other people’s websites lately, I thought I’d do a nice, neat media roundup for those of you who do not, in fact, watch my Twitter feed intently.

This week started off fantastically, with my friend Grace posting this beautiful write-up of Going Home on her blog. Grace is, on all accounts, my favorite reader. When I first sent her Going Home for feedback, her feedback actually made me cry. All I could think was “holy shit, she gets it! She gets exactly what I was trying to say!”. That might be the single most amazing feeling I’ve experienced as a writer. In fact, I was so taken by it that I ended up dedicating the book to her. And now, of course, I throw plot problems and drafts at her constantly and she, amazingly, doesn’t seem to mind!

When I, a couple of days later, discovered that I had received my first 5-star review on Amazon and Goodreads, I actually expected it to be from Grace. As it turns out, it was from Maddy at Love Books and Blush! I sent her a copy of Going Home in mid-December and hadn’t heard anything from her since she agreed to review it, so it was an incredibly pleasant surprise to see all the nice things she had to say about it. And I love the quote she chose for the review. I think it actually sums the story up quite nicely.

And finally, today, my first ever guest post went live onthe lovely Zee Southcombe’s blog! I’ve never posted on someone else’s blog before and was both flattered and flustered when Zee offered to feature me. With her guidance I managed to write a not-too-long and, hopefully, quite interesting piece on, basically, the conception of Going Home.

Guys, it’s been one helluva week! Writing is a wild ride but publishing, it seems, is even wilder. The amazing peaks of “holy hell, these people like my book” and the valleys of “dear Gods, please let me sell two copies in one week” give even the combination of PMS, Disney films and chocolate a serious run for their money. And you know, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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