Twice Fortnightly – Spotty Progress

It’s been a weird first week of Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve had two good days, two awful days and one okay day (hopefully a late night writing spurt will make it two okay days so far). I’m still well on track for my goal of 15k (I raised it from 10k a couple of days in), but I’m having some trouble Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Spotty Progress

Twice Forthnightly – Maybe the best week so far

Well, maybe not the best week of my life in general, but last week was certainly one of the best weeks in terms of writing, or post-writing. I got two five star reviews and was featured on 3 different blogs. Awesome. I have also: Done my daily writing… mostly. A few haikus, anyway. Make a list of potential titles for the sequel. It’s Continue reading Twice Forthnightly – Maybe the best week so far

Going Home Media Roundup!

Even just typing that title feels totally surreal. But since Going Home has in fact been featured on a few other people’s websites lately, I thought I’d do a nice, neat media roundup for those of you who do not, in fact, watch my Twitter feed intently. This week started off fantastically, with my friend Grace posting this beautiful write-up of Going Home on Continue reading Going Home Media Roundup!