Going Home – Cover Reveal

This week’s Twice Fortnightly has been cancelled in favor of, drum-roll please, the cover reveal of Going Home! About time, too, with only a few days to go! As you may recall from my post last week I decided, quite at the last minute, to hire someone to do my cover instead of doing it myself. Since my budget is um… let’s call it strained, I went looking for one on Fiverr. After a bit of back and forth with a cover artist, I got one I’m very happy with. I think it really suits the tone of the story in general and she managed to use the photo I wanted, to boot. But enough talk, let’s see it:



See? I have a cover! There’s my name on it, right there on the bottom right! I can’t really believe it myself, to be honest. The release is only a few days away and I have a few things left to do, mainly formatting. So this week, I don’t have any weekly goals, I just have one goal: get the book up on Kindle. After that, I will possibly collapse into a heap for the rest of December. We’ll see…

Now I must be off, my loves, to do research about copyright pages…

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