Alla-Kazam! – ThinkKit Prompt #7

Today’s ThinkKit prompt encourages bloggers to think of one thing they would magically change in 2015 if they could. I always find those sorts of questions tricky. They make me feel like a contestant in one of those beauty pageants, where they’re supposed to say what they wish for and they all say “World Peace”. Because how can you not, right? There’s so many bad, sad things in the world. I would barely know where to start with magicing them away.

Even if you limit the question to just my life, I’m not sure what I’d change. Maybe I’d make it impossible for my bank account to hit zero more than two days before payday. Maybe I’d make it so my tea never went cold, or so my nails never broke or chipped. Maybe I’d make my sporadic anxiety fuck off, or make sure I never mix up chose and choose again. Maybe I’d win the lottery or get lots of freelance work. I honestly don’t know. Last year I would’ve picked publishing my first book but now that’s about to become a reality and I’m not really sure what’s second on my list of things to wish for.

ThinkKit is a blog project, with daily prompts in December. Friends who are also doing this are Zee Southcombe and Amanda Staley.

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