Twice Fortnightly: A real Milestone!

Guess what guys? I’ve finished the major edits of Going Home. Exciting! That’s not to say I’m finished. I have a short list of a handful of words/phrases that I tend to overuse that I need to look for and, if needed, cull as well as, of course, proofreading. Still, it feels pretty dang awesome! Now I need to buck up and start working on the cover and those other things that need to be ready in order for me to publish, too. But that’s a problem for a slightly later week, since life is sort of busy right now. Anyway, this week I have:

  • Written ~550 words during my daily writing (missing one day)
  • Edited the final two chapters of Going Home
  • Finished all except one of this month’s writing exercises
  • Picked a project for NaNo! I am going to be working on a fantasy story, probably of the YA variety but we’ll see how it turns out once I start.

This week, I will:

  • Do my daily writing
  • Do the final writing exercise
  • Go through Going Home looking for the overused words and phrases mentioned above.
  • Start trying out fonts for the cover of Going Home

Exciting times, peeps! And, at present, very sleepy times. So goodnight, all!



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