Flash Fiction Friday – Waiting for Fairies

A short little thingy today, inspired by the lovely golden light I had a walk in earlier. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Waiting for Fairies

Golden light danced across the park from a break in the dark grey October clouds. The sun was on its way down, and clearly determined to make an impression before it went. The bench was getting a little cold, but that was just the sort of thing you had to live with when you were waiting for fairies. 

To be fair, Lizzie probably hadn’t had to get here quite so early. The invitation had said dusk, but she’d woke up restless and by the time 2 p.m. rolled around she hadn’t been able to wait any longer. She’d walked until her feet were tired, and the steered her steps toward the park. Once she sat down, the restlessness had gone and been replaced by a burning anticipation, the kind that seemed to nail her to her seat but put all her sense on edge. Any time now, they would come. She wondered what they would look like. The children’s books always depicted them as small and pretty, the horror stories as twisted and fanged. She hoped the truth was somewhere in the middle, not terrifying but not so cute she would have trouble taking them seriously. You didn’t want to disrespect fairies, after all, not even unintentionally. 

Lizzie rubbed her palms together in the cool air, and took a deep breath as the sun dipped below the treetops. Any moment now…

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