Flash Fiction Friday – Hunter

I used a prompt generator, a Discord bot called Writer-Bot, for my prompt tonight. The line was “I had never woken up in the middle of an impact crater before”. I changed it to present tense, and am pretty happy with the results. Enjoy!


I have never woken up in the middle of an impact crater before. All told, it isn’t something I can in good conscience recommend. In spite of the cushioning of the impact suit that lies shattered around me, every part of my body hurts except my earlobes and a small section under my left knee. It takes minutes for my equilibrium to stabilize enough that I dare sit up. 

The shards of the impact suit glitter like silver in the light of the reddish sun. My first aid kit is still intact, and I dig into it and slap a stim-pack onto the side of my neck. The effect is immediate – a jolt that makes the pain spike, then dull into an afterthought as my pulse thrums in my ears. I shudder, shake my head, snort dust out of my nostrils like a bull. I’ve felt it so many times before, I can temper the drive to run and fight and ruin things. I’ve got a job to do. 

As I get up, pops and cracks exploding through my limbs. I jump in place a few times to make sure my bones still carry me, shadow box to check my reflexes. All good, all sound. Biologicals checked, I move on to the tech. The tracker is still active, pinging my target thirty miles away, and the visor lights up as it should. The homing beacon is intact, too. A relief; without it I’m not getting off this rock anytime soon. 

I flick the visor down and tap a few buttons on my wrist panel. My quarry lights up, a faint pulsing dot in the distance. The hunt is on. 

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