Twice Fortnightly – A Good Time, but How Much of it?

Last week was a good writing week. Gods, I love those! I want every week to be one of those, to be honest. In spite of that, I only registered 12 writing hours in my tracker which feels like it’s quite a bit lower than the time I actually spent. I think I may have not been taking care with keeping track of time. Part of the problem is that when I am mostly drafting, I use the timer on 4thewords (the writing RPG site I do most of my writing on nowadays) to track my time. But right now I’m not drafting, I’m rewriting. The timer pauses pretty quickly if you don’t keep typing and rewriting… well, at least for me it involves a lot of staring at my words with a creased brow, sounding out different alternatives in my head. So I think I need to manually track the time spent when I’m rewriting, rather than rely on the site tracker, if I want to get a more accurate number. I’ll try to remember that this week.

The time tracking oopsie aside, it was as I said a good writing week. I:

  • ​Did Thursday Morning Tea Time stream, with some housekeeping in my conlang file and then flash fiction writing
  • Posted to Flash Fiction Friday, a piece called The Death of the Mutant
  • Picked which story to make my February Patreon exclusive short! Exciting!
  • Sent out my first newsletter in a bit over a year
  • Recorded stuff for YT
  • Wrote a new outline for my polyam romance and begun rewriting it! I am 2.5 chapters into the rewrite and it feels awesome so far! And I have two lovely writer friends who offered to look at each chapter as I finish them, so by the time I finish this rewrite I’ll have a nice stack of comments to consider for the next one. Woot!

For this following week, it’s a bit of more of the same:

  • Thursday Noon Tea Time stream, because I have a meeting I need to attend in the morning.
  • Flash Fiction Friday with something fun!
  • Edit and upload a YT video. It’ll be my first time really editing a video so that’s gonna be interesting… ​
  • Start poking at my February Patreon short. It’s about halfway done, so it should be easy to finish it in time, but it’s been a while since I worked on it so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Continue working on my polyam romance. I’d like to have finished the rewrite through chapter 6 this week, at least. I think I might be able to do more, to be honest, but it depends on how messy the draft is in those parts.
  • Finally update my Orryn novellas for Smashwords. I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet! It’s been ages since the Kindle version was updated, but I’ve just been putting it off. Luckily, it shouldn’t take very long to do.
  • My goal is 16h again, but actually reaching it this time without tracking problems.

I think it’s gonna be another good week. Technically I’m back to work this week but I’m only working 8h/week at that job so it still sort of feels like I have time off. Hope you all have a lovely week too!

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