Adventboost 2017 – Day 16 & 17 – Gays of Our Lives by Kris Ripper & Knit One Girl Two by Shira Glassman

Last night I went to a lovely julbord with some very good friends of mine. I had a lovely time, and the food was absolutely delicious. Afterward, the boyfriend and I spent some time watching some streamers we like play a visual novel game called The Letter and somehow blanked entirely on the fact that time was passing and I had a blog to write. Oops! So that means, we get a delicious Adventboost double-sandwich tonight! Specifically, a delicious double-sandwich of romances! Let’s do it!

Gays of Our Lives by Kris Ripper

Gays of Our Lives was my first time reading a M/M romance. Yay! And a well-chosen first read, too, if I may say so. It is about Emerson, who has MS and is hella snarky, and Obie, who is a big sweetie, and their slightly will-they-won’t-they-ish romance. It has a kink element to it too which was really nice to read, and a bit surprising in such a sweet story (but not in a discordant way). Emerson is a pretty sarcastic, pessimistic narrator which is usually not super my jam but in this book it works really well! It was such a good, and rather short, read and I really recommend it to all of you, especially if you like a bit of sexiness and kink in your adorable romance.

I really want to read the rest of this series (maybe over Christmas break but that list is getting long). From the blurbs it seems like they’re not straight-up sequels, but rather feature side-characters from this story and their lovelives. I honestly love series that are structured that way, webs more than lines, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Kris Ripper is a queergender writer who writes a lot of sexy queer books in various genres (honestly, I stopped after page 1 of their goodreads list because I was adding everything to my “want to read” list). You can follow zir on Twitter @SmutTasticKris, on Facebook and on YouTube or patron zir on Patreon. Yay! (Man, it gives me happy feels that so many of the lovely people I boost have a Patreon or similar).

Knit One Girl Two by Shira Glassman

I didn’t realize until just now when I sat down to type this that I’ve already boosted a Shira Glassman book this month, namely the short, sexy Wet Nails. Oops!

BUT, Knit One Girl Two is worth writing a second boost on the same person. It is the sweetest things ever! Honestly, I smiled through the whole thing. There were happy tears at the end. It is a Jewish lesbian love story between an independent yarn dyer and an artist and it is too cute! Too cute!

The story is very short but has a lot of heart, some really funny dialogue and characters that feel really real and deep. I always love contemporary stories with characters that have slightly unusual hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, obviously people can be awesome even if they have very mainstream hobbies, but being a geek with some particular interests there’s a special place in my heart for people with unusual, geeky hobbies! And the characters’ love for their respective arts are so obvious on the page that I almost want to take up knitting now. Almost.

Honestly, I think everyone should read this book! It is the sweetest thing and I’d like about fifteen more of the same type, please! I’ve been a good girl all year so… I deserve it? And YOU (all of you) deserve reading it and getting bubbly, fluffy feelings about it.

Here’s the mini authors profile from my post about Wet Nails cuz why try to make a new original one:

Shira Glassman is a queer Jewish feminist writer. She is, at least if you ask my Twitter feed, most known for her Mangoverse series which honestly seems to be the cutest things ever (the cover art alone will make you squee), and I really have to read it soon! You can follow Shira on Twitter @ShiraGlassman and visit her website here.

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