Adventboost 2017 – Day 10 – Wet Nails by Shira Glassman

Another day, another sexy Adventboost! Today I want to tell you about:

Wet Nails by Shira Glassman

Wet Nails is a short, sexy read that… I legit can’t remember where I found it. Twitter probably. I get all my good recs on Twitter nowadays. Anyway, Wet Nails is a short erotic story about a bisexual student and an equally bisexual… ghost? Apparition? Dream? It’s not clear, but it is hot and simultaneously quite sweet.

It’s only about 20 pages long so it’s a one-sitting read really, but well worth the time. It’s definitely unique, too, because whole vampires and werewolves and such creatures are oh so common in erotica nowadays, this story is supernatural in a vaguer way with one party being a 50s filmstar who has inexplicably stepped out of a TV for a single night of sexy fun and (yay!) manicures. Odd, short and hot, how much better could it get. Go read!

Shira Glassman is a queer Jewish feminist writer. She is, at least if you ask my Twitter feed, most known for her Mangoverse series which honestly seems to be the cutest things ever (the cover art alone will make you squee), and I really have to read it soon! You can follow Shira on Twitter @ShiraGlassman and visit her website here.

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