Adventboost 2017 – Day 2 – Gunrunners by Cecil Wilde

(Psst. Have you checked out yesterday’s boost about the hashtag #Showupforwishes? Cuz you should!)

And now, on to today’s boost!

Gunrunners by Cecil Wilde

Today I want to tell you about a lovely book called Gunrunners which, as its synopsis says, is “a short queer space adventure by Cecil Wilde”. This was one of those books I came across randomly on Amazon, and boy am I glad I did! Gunrunners is a space adventure story of two queer troublemakers getting back together for a last big job. It features trans/non-binary and disabled characters, and also characters that are a bit older (can’t remember exactly but I got an impression they were maybe in their late forties?) which honestly seems to happen so rarely in speculative fiction.

Goodreads informs me that I read this book in august and that I read it all in a day, which is no big surprise since it is a delicious morsel of a book – only 20 pages long. But 20 pages well worth your time. It was one of those books where, when it ended, I went “No! More!” but deep down I knew it was actually just the right length and ending on the perfect, beautifully bitter-sweet note.

And guess what? The book is currently free on Amazon Kindle! How much better can it get? Go get it! Go!

Cecil Wilde is a queer writer of speculative fiction. They have a bunch of other books out, of which several are now on my Goodreads “Want To Read” list. There’s one in particular called “Defying Convention” which is about two online friends, each with a secret crush on the other, meeting IRL for the first time. As someone who thinks online friendships and relationships gets way too much bad rep in media, I can’t wait to read it!

Anyway, you should totally go follow Cecil on Twitter @softestpunk, particularly if you enjoy photos of yarn and cute cats (not necessarily at the same time).

So what are you waiting for? Go read Gunrunners, then come back here tomorrow for more Adventboost!

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