Adventboost 2017 – Day 13 – 163 För Evigt

Today is St. Lucia’s Day! In Sweden, that generally means saffron buns and pretty music, so I thought this was a good day to boost:

163 För Evigt by Cherrie

The other week I had one of those magical Twitter moments when you find out about something that’s just around the corner from you, via someone very far away. In this case, I found out via a RT by @endlessyarning (in Australia!) about a song that’s about my part of town. The song is called 163 För Evigt by Cherrie. You should all listen to it:

Wasn’t that great? The song, whose title means 163 Forever (163 being the beginning of the post code for this area) and it’s basically a lovesong to the neighborhoods around here. The singer is from Rinkeby, which is one metro stop over from where I live and honestly it was just so awesome to see the area that feels much more like my home than Stockholm as a whole serenaded like this (and seeing such familiar places in the video). There may have been weeping the first time I heard it. I may have been on a buss.

Cherrie is a Somali singer who has grown up (if Wikipedia is right) in Finland and later in Sweden. She has won a BUNCH of Swedish music awards this year so she hardly needs a small-time blog like this boosting her, buuut I figure some of the non-Swedes who read me might not have heard of her and will hopefully enjoy the song. Cherrie has some really cool songs other than this one. I’ve only listened to a few, but my fave after 163 För Evigt is Lämna Han (Leave Him), a very emotional song about having a friend who is with that guy and trying to encourage her to leave him. You can follow Cherrie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And, of course, on Spotify!

Glad Lucia, lovelies!

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