Twice Fortnightly – Catching Up!

Two NaNo weeks down, two and change to go! And it’s finally starting to feel like NaNo to me. As I mentioned last week, I had a really slow start this time. As of this weekend, I feel like I’ve finally gotten into the flow with the story, which is a delightful feeling. I wrote 3.5k yesterday! Not something I expect to repeat very often, but it still feels excellent when it happens. Basically all my writing time this week has been spent on NaNoWriMo (not awfully surprising), as we can see by this week’s progress:

  • I wrote 10k on my NaNoWriMo draft. That’s less than the ideal average/day, but still a good improvement on last week. And half of that was in the last two days of the week, which gives me hope that I’m over the worst of the slow-start hump. I am now at 17.5k in total, which is just a few hundred words from my 18k cathc-up goal, so I’m happy about that.
  • I had some great developments while drafting in terms of figuring out worldbuilding, characterization and plot elements. I also have a lot of things like that left to figure out, as evidenced by the prevalence of square bracket notes to myself with helpful things like [Add description here] and [is this really a good idea?] that litter the draft.
  • I made an outline for a short I want to submit to the Love & Bubbles anthology. I am not sure it’s the right tone for the project, but I like the idea so I want to write it anyway! If it ends up being not quite the ticket, I will still have a finished short out of the deal, after all.
  • I had to miss my Thursday Morning Tea Time stream due to unexpected day job stuff. Booh!
  • I spent 14h on writing. Right on target! And considering that was without my ~2h stream, I feel pretty happy about that result!

I skipped Flash Fiction Friday again, and honestly I think I may keep doing that for the rest of NaNo. We’ll see, though. For next week, I want to try to hit 30k for NaNo, do my stream, write for 14h (again) and have a poke at the aforementioned short. I am quite busy in the weekend this week, so I’ll have to try extra hard to get some productive hours in early in the week. I’m feeling optimistic!

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