Twice Fortnightly – Bad Planning?

Last week was a weird one, y’all. I thought I’d done good planing for my writing goals, in terms of both hours and tasks. Yet somehow, I managed to do almost all my hours (9½ out of 11, even though I didn’t have my stream for computer reasons) but have several tasks that I didn’t even touch on. Those included, unsurprisingly, making a YouTube video. Uuuuurgh! I swear, I want to have an active YT but I keep feeling so self-conscious and that makes it take so much longer to do anything, which in turns makes me not have time for it (even though I would have time if I could just relax and do it without thinking so much). Aaaanyway, on the plus side I did get a lot of stuff done too, namely:

  • ​9½ out of 11 hours worked.
  • 2k added to the Orryn #3 draft. I’m so close to finishing the draft, yay!
  • Some fantastic brainstorming sessions for my NaNo project (but no actual outline). I’m so excited about this project!
  • Several aesthetics made for the NaNo project (see my Twitter).
  • Writing a flash fiction Friday piece with my NaNo project MCs, a flashback scene from their childhood.
  • Caught up on my bookkeeping! Not strictly a writing project but since my writing is part of my business, I think it counts (it only took 90 mins anyway).

I just feel like the hours spent and the amount of things finished/not finished don’t add up this week. But maybe that’s just sleepy-brain talking. And on the topic of me being hella tired and wanting to go to bed, let’s move on to next week’s goals:

  • 10h. Why am I changing it? I don’t know. Cuz I like round numbers?
  • Thursday Evening Tea Time with conlanging and Flash Fiction Friday writing.
  • Actually outlining the NaNo project. And making more aesthetics and brainstorms.
  • 2k more to the Orryn draft. I’m just gonna keep doing that until the draft is finished and it’s time for the rewrite.
  • Finish the last bit of Scrivener organizing I keep putting off!
  • Actually read through that short I mentioned that I wanna put on my Patreon.​

Honestly, the more instances of “actually” I have in my goals, the weirder the previous week was. G’night, lovelies!

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