Twice Fortnightly – A Pre-NaNo Triumph!

Tonight I hit a pretty major and exciting milestone. I finished the first draft of the 3rd Orryn Novella! I decided that I wanted to finish it, mess of a draft that it is, before NaNoWriMo so I wrote the last scene or two, about 1.5k words, tonight. The draft is going to need a lot of work on the rewrite. A lot. Like… a lot.  I feel like half of it is just square brackets with comments to myself about how to convey what I actually want to convey in a way that’s better than 90% of my first draft. That being said, I am super thrilled to be finished with the first draft. NaNoWriMo will make for a good break from the project, and after NaNo I can go back to it and start on the rewrite. So yay for that! I’m thrilled.

It has been a good week, all in all. I:

  • Didn’t hit 10h, but also sorta lost track and was really swamped with school work this weekend so I sort of gave myself a break on that.
  • Added about 2k to the Orryn #3 draft.
  • Did my first Thursday MORNING Tea Time. Conlanging and flash fiction, yay!
  • Posted a piece about a supernatural mental health hotline for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Read through an old short from the same world as the Orryn stories, which will be my first Patreon short.
  • Developed my NaNo story outline. There’s some spotty bits still, but I feel pretty well-prepared for NaNo!

A good week, hours aside. This week I will:

  • Spend 10h writing.​ That goal will probably go up next week, it being NaNo and all.
  • Finish the Orryn #3 draft (which I already did, yay!).
  • Start NaNoWriMo! Only 24h to go!
  • Edit the aforementioned short and getting it ready for publication on Patreon.
  • Do Thursday Morning Tea Time with some conlanging and flash fiction.

I am feeling very good about this NaNo project, and honestly about this week in general. It’s weird being alone in the flat (my partner has gone to visit his parents in Canada) but other than that, I feel like I’ve found my footing again after the weirdness of the last couple of weeks. My sleeping schedule is a bit wonky, but my work- and school-schedule is pretty forgiving of late nights and late mornings right now, so that’s not really a problem. I look forward to this time tomorrow night, when I’ll be writing my traditional first few hundred words of NaNo, after mid night but before going to bed. Good night, lovelies!

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