Twice Fortnightly – Weird Week Was Weird

Last week was weird, guys. It was busy, though I suppose not excessively so, but it just ended up being so different from what I expected that I felt slightly off-kilter for most of the week. I ended up working with my day job on Saturday (lolwut?) which just threw my whole plan for the week off both because Saturday should’ve been a day off to write and study and because I had to do things in the week to prepare for Saturday. Then on Sunday, my brain just went “nope! Not gonna do anything today” and I lounged around until my afternoon D&D game, halfway through which I realized I had a bunch of reading for this morning that I had not done. So once D&D was over I tried to cram text into my brain for a few hours (it went all right but I don’t recommend doing such things on Sunday evening).

Unsurprisingly, weird week was not terribly conducive to writing. I think I got about 3-4 hours done in total. I poked at Orryn #3 a bit, I poked at a short a bit, I did a few brainstorms for various stories including a new story idea I got from a dream the other day. I didn’t do my stream because I was having desert at my parents house at the time and there was nowhere really to reschedule it to. I also forgot about Flash Fiction Friday and didn’t realize that until sometime midway through Sunday. So yeah, one of those weeks. Well, this week should not be one of those weeks, so these are my goals:

  • 9h of writing time.
  • 1-2k added to the draft of Orryn #3​.
  • Do a Thursday Evening Tea Time stream.
  • Do Flash Fiction Friday (on stream?).
  • Start working through the worldbuilding questions for that short I’m working on, possibly on stream.
  • Write the opening scene to my new book idea, to test it out since I may want to draft it for NaNo this year (we’ll see).

I think that should be about enough to cover 9 hours, and if it isn’t I can always improvise. I’m actually going out of town this weekend, so technically this week won’t be much calmer than the last one but unlike last week I knew these plans ahead of time and also, since I’m going to the summerhouse I’ll be able to write while I’m up there. I’ll probably have to skip my Sims 4 stream though, which is a bit of a bummer since I had a lot of fun the last time I played. Oh well, I can always just play sometime early next week outside of my streaming schedule.

Anyway, my reading is calling to me and I’d better answer if I want to keep up in class tomorrow. Good night, lovelies!

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