Twice Fortnightly – Another Not-Monday

Today is a national holiday here in Sweden and when those fall on Mondays, it never quite feels like a Monday. Today I’ve had a very productive non-Monday, getting rid of a bunch of old to-dos that I’ve been putting off. None really writing-related, but it was good all the same. Last week was pretty productive, though not quite as much as I’d like. Here’s what I did:

  • Spent 10h writing. My goal was 12, but then I worked two days so I removed 2h from that goal as I’d decided I would.
  • Wrote some Flash Fiction Friday!
  • Worked a bit on rewriting one Camp short, and adding to the draft of another. Then I forgot to register myself as having won Camp. Booh!
  • Went to crit group! Went well, good feedback on both the critique and the praise side.
  • Did a bit of conlanging! Wooh!

I’m getting sleeping so gonna go straight to next week’s plans:

  • 12h writing, minimum!
  • Flash Fiction Friday!
  • Last Going Home scene rewrite.
  • Start on next crit group submission.
  • Conlang!

Good night!

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