Flash Fiction Friday – The Devil in the Dice

I almost forgot it’s Friday! But then I remembered, so here is some sleepy flash fiction for you all!

Here’s tonight’s Dixit card:


Cool, no? I’ve always liked this card. Credits to Dixit’s illustrators as usual. Here’s the piece:

The Devil in the Dice
The dialog box flashed on the screen. “Double bet to $500?” it said and, below, the options “Accept” in cheerful green and “Decline” in dull gray.
She nipped at the skin at the back of her index finger. 60 seconds to decide. 60 seconds…
“You could win…” the little voice in the back of her mind said. “You could very well win.”
“Yeah…” she mumbled. The cursor found the green box, clicked it eagerly.
As the game resumed the realization set in. She could just as well lose…

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