Flash Fiction Friday – Hunter pt. 2

I felt like poking this idea from last week a bit more tonight, so here we are. Not as strong, I think, but I’m still enjoying dipping my toes into this character and seeing what I find. Not totally sure where this is going but we’ll see.

Hunter pt. 2

I get to the village just before sundown. Village is perhaps an exaggeration. It is a collection of hovels, not much more than a dozen, crowded around a single well. Smoke rises from one of the larger hovels, the smell of food barely detectable from this distance.  Four children play, sticks in hand, just east of the settlement.

No one else is in sight, but the visor tells me by quarry is in the hovel just north of the well. They’re not moving, nothing to indicate they know I’m on the way. No surprise there. A place like this, there’s no way they have steady access to coms or enough of a network to be informed of the unexpected so called meteor that landed thirty miles away let alone the bounty on their head. Good for me; more time means a better plan, a smoother execution. In both senses of the word. 

I hunker down behind a cliff at the crest of a hill, far enough away that they won’t see me unless they’re looking. They won’t be looking. Another stim patch to keep the pain at bay and keep the healing at top speed possible, a nutritional one to keep my energy up, and I sit watching. No need to hurry, I can get them just as easily in the dark as in the light. Time will teach me their patterns, let me get in and out without a hitch, without anyone noticing if I’m lucky. By the time the sun sets, I’m ready to go.

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