Adventboost 2017 – Day 22 – 195 Lewis

Last year, I boosted the webseries Compersion! This year I’ve got a recommendation for another black, polyamorous show:

195 Lewis

195 Lewis is a super cool webseries about a group of black, queer, polyamorous women in NYC. I heard about it quite a while back, but it wasn’t out yet them so it’s just been sitting in my bookmarks. As is often the case, I forgot to check in on it and recently discovered that it premiered last month with a 5-episode first season. It is, hands down, the best polyamory themed show I’ve seen to date.

There is so many things I like about this show, I don’t know where to start. It’s also 2:30 am here a the time of writing so prepare for a string of simple enthusiastic statements with little organization between them: It is super well-written, even though I am occasionally too white to quite follow along with all the references and jokes (and honestly, I am at peace with that). It has an really interesting and varied cast of characters that I really want to get to know more. It is funny in places and feelsy in others, which is a thing I like. It features a cast of beautiful, super talented women. It has an amazing soundtrack. It is explicitly feminist and the characters are interested in and talk about sex, gender, relationship, all those kinds of things. Yay! It is also really awesome to see a show that’s basically populated only by black women. How often does that happen? Not often! It even manages to have one of those characters who doesn’t know about polyamory and stuff and is learning, but without it ever feeling like forced exposition because the dialogue is just so well-written!

Honestly, my only complaint, and it’s really more of a lament, is that it wasn’t longer! 5 episodes of 5-10 mins each for season 1. It managed to squeeze a lot of content into those minutes, even though very little time passed by. I really, really hope a second season is coming (and maybe, like, a fifteenth one, too) because I need more of this in my life! If a kickstarter or something pops up (because this is an indie thing) I am throwing money at it!.

So yeah, go check out 195 Lewis! The episodes are free to watch on the website, and you can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter @195Lewis. Go watch and enjoy!

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