Twice Fortnightly – Steady Progress

Another week, another Monday! As of today I’ve had the first session with 3 out of the 4 modules I’m taking this term and they’ve all been fantastic. I am quite sure tomorrow’s first Phonology session will be equally great. This is gonna be a fun term! And last night, I finally pledged for some stuff on Patreon which I’ve been meaning to do forever and now that I have a new job I finally can. So I am now a proud Patron of Ana Mardoll (who writes lovely books with tons of queer characters and creepy fairies), Bogi Takács (who writes, among other stuff, sci-fi shorts with some of the best worldbuilding I’ve come across), Rollplay (which produces most of the tabletop rpg content I watch), Gem (who writes lovely f/f fic) and my good friend Jessica (who is a sculptor, doll-maker and illustrator).

This has been a pretty good week writing-wise, too. I did the following:

  • I spent about 8 hours writing. 1 hour short of my goal but hey, new job and new courses.
  • I added ~2.5k to my draft of the 3rd Orryn novella. It’s really coming together, guys. I’m so excited.
  • On stream on Thursday evening, I wrote a piece for Flash Fiction Friday about my new D&D character, Temperance.
  • I also discovered some interesting things about my conlang on the stream, and did some work on transferring things to my dictionary file.
  • I finally finished the first draft of one of my short story WIPs. I also realized that it’s more of a novelette than a novella and that, actually, it might work well as a longer story published as a serial, like maybe on my Patreon or something. I’m still thinking it over, will try to get someone to have a look at it and give input on format… we’ll see, either way the first rewrite is gonna be a lot of work, because it’s chock full of square brackets with notes inside them about things I need to figure out about the worldbuilding and story. I think it’s gonna be super good, though!

A good week, as I said! Let’s make this week an equally good week, with these plans:

  • 9h writing. I didn’t quite hit the mark last week, and this week’s about as busy as last week​ so no point increasing it.
  • Add another 1-2k to the Orryn draft, and also go through what I have now to get a handle on exactly what’s missing.
  • Thursday Evening Tea Time! Yay! With conlanging and flash fiction as usual.
  • Post something for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Get a handle on the worldbuilding questions I need to answer for the abovementioned short.

I also have something else exciting happening this week (I hope, fingers crossed), so keep your eyes open for an extra post here on the blog. It’s something that I’ve both been wanting to do for a while, and also decided fairly spontaneously, so that’ll be fun. Until then, hope you all have a lovely week!

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