Flash Fiction Friday – Different, Familiar

Evenin’ guys! Check me out, I remembered to post this on Friday this week. Tonight, I went to the house warming party of my next door neighbor, who happen to have moved into the apartment of the parents of someone I was best friends with basically up until I hit my teens. So since I couldn’t think of anything else to write tonight, I wrote this:

Everything was different. The hardwood was polished, the rugs replaced. The wallpaper was modern and geometric with a metallic sheen, the old one forgotten. The little hallway seemed vast now that it wasn’t crowded with bookcases filled to the brim. The furniture was all gone, the knickknacks too. Those that took their place were fewer, smaller. Or larger, more eye-catching, like the artwork. The bathroom was blue, the computer room just storage.
Yes, everything was different. But this was still the floor where she’d cried herself to sleep in a sleeping bag, because all her friends wanted to grow up and she didn’t.

Good night, everyone.

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