Twice Fortnightly – Managing my Time Management

Last week was a weird week. Busy but not wildly so, but my mood was a bit all over the place. I only managed 6 out of my 9 hours of writing, largely because I had some kind of motivation crash on Sunday and just ended up watching the Gilmore Girls special all day instead. So… That’s unfortunate. I think the main problem is that I tend to not get properly started with my writing goals until later in the week, with several hours left for Sunday, which means that on those week when I end up needing to spend my Sunday on vegging or self-care I also end up failing to reach my writing goals. The solution, of course, is making sure to get a better start earlier in the week, so that I only have an hour or two left for Sunday. That way, if I end up feeling like a slow day that’s okay but if I end up feeling very productive then I have a chance at surpassing my goal.

Overuse of “end up” aside, these are the other things I did last week:

  • Wrote a short little thing for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Did a little conlanging, making some demonstratives for my conlang. Yay!
  • Edited about 10 segments/chapters from Going Home. I confess I’ve left the hard ones for the end, but that’s okay.
  • Submitted something for crit group.
  • I brainstormed my new crit group project but unfortunately I brainstormed it so well that I realized it has some stuff I need to figure out that might take me longer than the time I have before I had planned to start submitting it again. So I might start handing in a different draft that requires less substantial edits. We’ll see what I do, I do have a week or two to decide.

It was a pretty good week, especially Saturday was very productive. It just crashed on Sunday, as I mentioned. My big task this week will be not to repeat that mistake. My goals are:

  • 9h of writing. I actually already have 1.5h today including this blog post, so that’s definitely a good start! ​
  • More conlanging! Actually generating some new vocab this week which is always fun.
  • Finish rewrite of the remaining bits from Going Home.
  • Do some Orryn brainstorming! She’s on my brain right now.
  • Go to crit group!
  • Decide which project to submit to crit group.
  • Start poking #12for12Stories again. I took a little break from the short I was working on for that, I just wasn’t feeling it. But now it’s time to start again, so that I can have a decent change of finishing that draft before month’s end.

I’m working a fair lot this week, but I still don’t feel too worried about this. So long as I remember that I have D&D on Saturday and don’t plan for all of my writing to be done then, I should be fine.

Well, I have a bullet journal to prefer. Good night, everyone!

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