Flash Fiction Friday – The Pegasus

I was way too distracted last night to do flash fiction; I was up until past 2 a.m. preparing random encounter tables for a D&D game I ran today. It went really well! And really long! And about half is left… I may have overplanned a bit… But it was fun! So since I have D&D on the brain, I’m going to (yes, again, just like last week) write a little scene inspired by game I’ve been running. Just a snippet, about an area near where my intrepid adventurers went to “today” but a little while before they got there.

She moved restlessly in her nest, high up in the cliffs. Scraping her hooves against the stone floor of her little cave, and bending her neck to nudge some of the grass she’d collected to make up her bed with her muzzle. It was still soft; she’d replaced the old dry grass just days ago. A futile task, she knew. She’d known it already then but she had maintained her home anyway, out of habit.
Still, it was time to move on. Things were wrong here, now. The air smelled foul. Sometimes, when she dreamed, she could feel the creatures moving closer, wrong creatures, foul and dangerous creatures. Every day, she grew heavier with the foal within her. Soon she would not be able to fly, and if she did not leave now she would not be able to leave until the foal was grown. It would not be safe for it here, bright-eyed and frail-legged as it would be.
She approached the cave opening, looked out over the wide waters, over the sand below. Turning to look one last time at her home, the pegasus stretched her wings and leaped into the air.

Just a little thing, but I sort of like it. I know, it’s awful to give the “twist” (if you can even call it a twist) away in the title but I can’t think of what to name it right now.
I don’t write from non-humanoid perspectives a lot…

Good night, everyone!

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