Twice Fortnightly – Halfway Through NaNo

Okay, technically we’re not halfway through NaNo until tomorrow, but oh well. At the halfway mark, the official goal is 25k. I will not be there, but that’s okay: I wasn’t intending to be. I’ll be, instead, somewhere just shy of 19k as my current word count is 16666 (hehe) and I haven’t started writing for today yet. However, tomorrow I am, if all goes well, turning in my BA paper. So after that, my writing goal will be 2k/day until I’m either caught up or I get an email back saying “please change these things and then resubmit”, whichever comes first. Exciting times, guys!

I’ve written about 7k words in the last week, and honest it should probably have been a bit more but oh well. I also published some Flash Fiction here on the blog: a piece called Mansplaining. I also realized, just now if I’m being honest, that I never actually included the link to the literature magazine my flash fiction was featured in last week so here is the link to Issue 6 of Go check it out!

Goals for the next week? More of the same. Ciao!

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